Host a Dinner Party!


How Does It Work?

  1. Sign up as a host by March 14th.
  2. You and your choice of dinner companions purchase tickets at
  3. Attend the Host Happy Hour:
    • Pick up your No Tie Host gift
    • Have all your hosting questions answered
  4. Host your Dinner on March 16th:
    • All the details are up to you!
    • Start as early as you want
    • Host at your place or have a picnic in the park
    • Serve Cocktails and Caviar or Corndogs and Cheetos
  1. Join us for Dessert, Drinks, and Doodads!
    • Frontiers of Flight Museum at 7 pm
    • Sample Desserts by some of Dallas’ Finest confectioners
    • Sip your choice of beverage in the VIP or main floor bars
    • Shop the silent auction for the things you always or never knew you just had to have



  • Encourage all party guests to purchase a ticket to No Tie at, preferably before No Tie (although tickets will be available at the door).
  • Clarify the costs of the party to your guests, whether you’ll be personally covering the costs, asking guests to pitch in, or everyone paying for their own meals.
  • Separate the cost of your party from the cost of attending the No Tie party and ticket sales.
  • Encourage your guests to donate directly on our website at
  • Have fun and encourage comradery in the community!


  • Buy tickets and resell them to dinner guests at higher prices.
  • Request money for both your dinner party and No Tie ticket in one lump sum. This is misleading advertising as to the cost and donations associated with our event.
  • Allow anyone whose name isn’t on the ticket to attend the No Tie event.
  • Use our name and/or logo to collect money without donating the full amount to ASD.